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Coconut-Nest "Happy Train" for Newborns with an Arc (Toy Holder) . We propose to you a coconut-nail, which is becoming increasingly popular among young mothers. For the reason that the nest is a small mobile mattress, it is easy to put in a baby bed or carriage. When parents choose a common dream with a child, the sides will reliably protect him from the fact that an adult can harm the child in a dream.

In our studio you can order a cocoon with an arc on which the toys are placed. Your toddler will be very interested in catching toys by studying and viewing them. Also, these curly braces will teach the child to concentrate on the mind and will develop motor skills and the ability to distinguish between objects. In the bosom of this cocoon there are some interesting toys. Among them there is a gooseberry, a hedgehog and a bunny who can rustle, ring and tune in. Soft toys can be disconnected from the arc, and the child can play them separately. It is also recommended to place the cocoon with an orthopedic pillow of our production. Which is good for a cocoon and for a baby stroller or crib.

We carry "Hand Made" products with love for your kids and high-quality materials. Qualitative - it means soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, therefore our products are great for gentle skin of newborns. To tailor our children's sets we use 100% natural cotton produced in Poland, which meets all European quality standards for children's things, breathing and gentle Polish plush Minky Dot, hypoallergenic filler of holofyber and sintepon. With Love your HappyLuna )

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Coconut-Nest "Happy Train" for Newborns with a Toy Holder

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  • Product Code: Кокон-гніздечко Premium"Поезда" з дугою
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  • 1,500 грн.

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